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Legal Notice

The terms and conditions indicated below regulate the access and use of the address www.shorexc.com (hereinafter the Web), property of PENDULO INC. 6617 Dahlia Dr Miramar Florida United States, as well as the fulfillment of the services offered in this Web. The user expressly and unreservedly accepts all the general conditions contained herein, published on the Web, which he/she acknowledges having read.

1. The data contained in the Web are intended to offer the services and inform users of them, however, there may be data that could have some kind of error. The photos on the Web do not necessarily correspond to places visited in the services contracted by the user.

2. It is strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce or distribute by any means the content of the Web or the services offered therein, without the express consent of Shorexc., owner of the same.

3. In order to facilitate the information to the user, Shorexc. provides on its website the link to other websites of interest, but in no case Shorexc. will be responsible for the inconvenience that these other websites may cause to the user.

4. The user is solely responsible for compliance with the legislation of each port and country, especially with regard to identification documentation. The Web of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides such information. Likewise, it is the direct responsibility of the user to use and respect all human and material resources necessary for the development of the service provided (buses, guides, headphones, etc). In the case of not returning the headphones or returning them damaged, 100,00$ will be charged for each one.

5. Shorexc., its guides and carriers are obliged to comply with the legislation in force in each country, tourism laws, transport, security, or any other law that affects the services contracted by the users. In this sense, the occurrence of legislative changes that affect the itinerary or duration, or cause the mandatory modification of the service contracted by the user will be informed to the user by any means.

6. It is the passenger's responsibility to communicate correct and real data requested at the time of booking. Shorexc. is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete data and reserves the right to reject reservations with data that do not meet the requirements. It is informed that any discrepancy between the reported age and the actual age at the date of the service and hence resulting in a difference to be paid at the entrance fees of the sites and monuments will be at the expense of the passenger. All passengers requesting a reduced/free ticket must present accreditation at the time of entry. If they do not have the document justifying the reduction, they must go to the ticket office by their own means and purchase a new ticket at the general rate, and then join the group inside the site. The guide will not be authorized to make this type of arrangements leaving the rest of the group unattended, nor will there be any refund of the entrance fee previously paid to Shorexc.
The description of the contracted tour specifies, among other information, the level of difficulty and physical demand of the same, so the user acknowledges being informed of these extremes, and may not claim a refund of the price paid for this matter. 

7. In case of any emergency to be solved at the time of providing the contracted service (change of berth, timetable or eventual berth cancellations), this will be communicated by Shorexc. staff by phone call, SMS and email as soon as possible. The user is obliged to have a contact telephone number, previously provided, so that Shorexc. can inform of any inconvenience. This telephone must be operational and have the roaming function activated in case of excursions outside Spain. Shorexc. is exonerated in case of unavailability of telephone networks on board and will not accept claims in case the clients are not informed of eventual changes.

7.1. Shorexc. will not call passengers who do not show up at the meeting point at the stipulated time. The telephone number that Shorexc. provides to the passengers in their voucher is only for assistance in port on the day of their excursion, for any other query during your cruise you should contact our office.

The assistance number will be operative half an hour before the beginning of the service and until its end.
In case you need assistance on the day of your service, you must contact this number prior to the scheduled departure time. No claims will be attended with calls after the departure time established in the voucher. The maximum waiting time is determined by the port authorities and not by Shorexc. staff and may vary from port to port. Failure to show up at the agreed time shall be considered a unilateral breach of this contract and, therefore, no refund of the amount of the service contracted herein may be requested.

8. Shorexc. reserves the right to reduce the duration of the contracted service or, if necessary, modify the itinerary, due to force majeure, atmospheric causes, if there is a massive delay of the users or by mutual agreement with the passengers if they decide to delay the beginning of the contracted service, or according to logistic and operative needs or there is a delay in the arrival of the ship. Shorexc. reserves the right to advance the service in case of last minute change of berthing of the vessel and early departure communicating by all available means (call, SMS or email) the new schedule to its passengers.

9. Shorexc. is totally exonerated from any kind of responsibility:

    If for reasons of force majeure or totally unrelated to Shorexc. the contracted service is impossible to perform.
    The claim of any object lost while the contracted service is being provided, regardless of the criminal liabilities arising from personal actions.
    On the activities carried out by the passengers during the free time provided by our guide.

9.1 If due to unforeseen circumstances, Shorexc. offers a substitution service, there will be no modification of price with respect to the contracted rate for the initial service, and therefore, no total or partial refund of the amount paid by the client will be offered.

9.2 In the event of a refund, the passenger will have 14 days from the end of the excursion to make a claim.

10. Cancellation policy: once the cruise has started, there is no refund of the contracted excursion for any reason unless the customers has contracted the FREE CANCELLATION PLAN and cancels up to 3 days before the cruise starts.


On some occasions, pre-booking tickets in advance may incur a small handling fee compared to the direct sale price.

11. Shorexc. guarantees that the clients will be at the port facilities sufficiently in advance so that they may embark on the contracted cruise, and shall foresee all circumstances (weather, traffic, etc.) and adopt the appropriate measures to comply with this obligation. In the event that Shorexc. fails to comply with this obligation and the clients are unable to embark on their cruise, Shorexc. shall provide services to the affected clients, making all the necessary arrangements to minimize the damage caused by such non-compliance, assuming, exclusively, the cost of such arrangements (transfer of clients, accommodation, meals, etc.). However, Shorexc. shall be exempted from this obligation if the delay in arrival at the place of shipment is due to a cause directly attributable to the customer, and Shorexc. shall be responsible for proving this circumstance.

12. Shorexc., is an online travel agency. Passengers contracting by telephone or e-mail services from Shorexc. have read and understood the information provided on the web site as well as the legal terms and conditions..

13. Shorexc. is independent, operates autonomously and has no relationship or business relationship whatsoever with the shipping companies or of any other nature that directly or indirectly exploit the cruises whose references may appear in this website; any reference or mention to the cruises and the shipping companies or of any other nature that directly or indirectly exploit such cruises, is made for the sole and exclusive purpose of informing the users of the website www.shorexc.com and clients of the services offered by Shorexc.

14. The prices of excursions have been calculated based on the exchange rate of currency, transportation rates, fuel and taxes on the current date. Any change in the quotation of the same may be passed on to the client up to 20 days before the departure of the cruise.  


SHOREXC reserves the right to cancel any excursion for any reason, including but not limited to inclement weather and will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to clients as a result of such cancellation. All canceled excursions will receive a full refund from SHOREXC, including those canceled due to a late arrival of a ship or the inability to call at a specific port.

Customers wishing to cancel for any reason must submit a refund request to SHOREXC 14 days (Day = 24 hours) prior to the tour's departure date to obtain a free full refund.
If the client desires to have the possibility of canceling until the last moment of the ship's departure, they must select a free cancellation plan at the time of purchase; otherwise, the amount will not be refunded.

SHOREXC is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of personal belongings during the excursion. All personal items, including but not limited to coats, cameras, purses, and all similar personal items, must remain under your individual control at all times during the tour.

SHOREXC reserves the right to cancel any excursion, alter the sequence of excursion activities, or exclude specific activities for any reason, including safety or the best interest of the client. Independent shore excursion operators can also refuse to provide excursion services to any customer at any time. Unless otherwise stated in the tour description, clients can cancel at any time and receive a full refund up to 14 days prior to the tour. Any client who does not show up at the departure of an excursion at the designated time and place, leaves during the trip or does not use all the services scheduled to be offered by an excursion, will not be eligible to receive a full or partial refund. Most tours will operate in a variety of weather conditions and customers who choose not to join a one-way tour will not receive a refund. Clients who choose to leave the designated tourist transportation must provide their own transportation back to the boat at their own expense. Prices for shore excursions are in US dollars and are subject to change without notice. However, SHOREXC will honor the price of confirmed reservations even if the prices change prior to the tour departure. SHOREXC's detailed excursion descriptions list all the features included in each excursion that may or may not include guide services, meals, transportation, and entrance fees. The SHOREXC site and all SHOREXC affiliated sites are intended for personal, non-commercial use and / or to make legitimate requests to reserve the products or services offered. This site should not be used to make speculative, false or fraudulent requests. Robots or other automated means cannot access this site. Robots or other automated means cannot access this site.