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To reserve it will be enough to complete our reservation form, next to each excursion, or send an email to Our staff will answer you within a maximum period of 24 hours.
Step 1: We point you in our reservation lists for the excursions that you have requested. Step 2: As soon as the excursion bus is completed, we will send you our payment methods via email so that you can pay for your confirmed excursions. Step 3: Once we receive your payment, we will send you the seat confirmation vouchers (excursion card) and the information about the pick-up, time, meeting point and the contact telephone numbers of the port coordinators.


There are several cruise ship forums that allow you, by registering, to open a new topic or reply by receiving information about the excursions. In the forums you will have the right to publish prices and itineraries according to scale. But it is forbidden to publish the name of the company in the form of advertising. In the forums you can leave your opinion, ask for information, make groups, etc. You can also form groups on our facebook page and other cruise passengers pages on and off social media.


Tours are offered in English and Spanish separately. Select your preferred language in the upper right menu.


No, we do not include meals in the excursions. Only in our visit to Saint Petersburg do we give you that possibility if you wish, it is optional, for the rest, we prefer to take more advantage of the time available on each excursion.

Children Prices

In general, all those over 24 months of age pay 100% of the cost of the excursion, however, in all excursions we give 15% discount to all those under 12 years of age, except in package reservations where the discount is the 5% . All those under 24 months are considered babies and do not pay anything, except in Capri excursions, where the payment of fees is mandatory for everyone.

Phone Number

It is an indispensable fact! We need it to contact you, if necessary, during the management of your reservation. But even more so, for when you are on a cruise and let you know if there is a change in time, dock, port. We will not accept claims of any kind, if you do not have a working phone, to receive at least SMS.


Our payment methods with: credit card None of these forms of payment suppose any increase in the total price of the service, except for the interest fee

Travel Card

The vouchers will be sent to the email address that you have indicated in your reservation. They will have to be printed and presented to our staff. Those digital vouchers (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) will also be valid. People who do not carry the voucher will have to wait for the duly documented ones to finish uploading and the guide can review the lists.


In order to speed up the disembarkation, we recommend that all our clients ask the ship's information office the day before the stopover about the conditions of disembarkation (shifts, schedules, etc ...). According to the rules of the port organization, we have an established waiting time for our buses, so we greatly appreciate your willingness to facilitate that our services are offered with the greatest punctuality and that your departure from the ship is carried out in the most comfortable way and fast as possible.


To avoid waiting at the port and traffic problems with the Port Authority, the buses, depending on the number of participants, will leave from the port in order of arrival of the passengers. Exceptionally, some excursions will have an assigned bus, in which case we will notify you by email of this information, before your cruise departs.

Bus & Guide

We have written down the directions on your voucher so that you know how to get to the meeting point. Also, we provide you with a mobile phone number so that you can contact our central office BEFORE the tour so that we can help you locate your bus or guide. We recommend that you have your mobile operational at this time.


If the wheelchair can be folded or folded, you can always join one of our excursions; Of course, you should always notify us at the time of requesting the reservation. If, on the contrary, the chair could not be folded or its occupant could not separate from it; We would have to (upon request) give you a quote for a private service on an adapted bus. We have indicated in the descriptions of the excursions, if the tour is suitable or not for wheelchairs.
There are some centers to visit that contemplate discounted rates and / or special prices for disabled people. We advise you to always travel with your corresponding identification as they require it to be able to give you the discount on the spot. The price of the excursions does not include special rates for handicaps.

Travel agencies

Yes, sign up:


Yes, we manage and process a Tour Ticket that will be valid for you to get off the cruise ship and go on an excursion with our group. Its price is already included in the amount of the excursion. In order to manage it, we will need you to send us the personal data, name and surname as they appear in the passport, passport number, date of birth of each of the people listed in the reservation, as well as the nationality. The Tour Ticket, which is a collective visa for the entire group that participates in the excursion, is not valid to move around the city or leave the ship on your own, it only serves to go with the group and our guide. A copy of this Tour Ticket will be sent to you by email so that you can print it and attach it to your travel documentation so once you arrive in Saint Petersburg you can present it to the official at passport control and allow you to access the terminal where the / the guide waiting for you.


Once the excursion has been confirmed, we will publish its schedule on the web. The schedule of each excursion will always appear on its corresponding voucher / voucher. However, whenever you need something urgent, different or have doubts, you can write to us at and we will help you with whatever you need.
SHOREXC guarantees that clients will be at the port facilities sufficiently in advance for them to embark on the contracted cruise, having to anticipate all circumstances (weather, traffic ...) and adopt the appropriate measures to comply with this obligation. In the event that SHOREXC breaches this obligation and clients are unable to board their cruise, SHOREXC must provide attention services to affected clients, taking all appropriate steps to minimize the damage that such breach entails, assuming, exclusively, the cost caused by such procedures (transfer of clients, accommodation, meals ...). However, SHOREXC is exempted from this obligation if the delay in arrival at the place of shipment is due to a cause directly attributable to the customer, corresponding to SHOREXC to prove this circumstance.


You can cancel the excursion for any reason or circumstance before 14 days after the departure of the cruise, you will get a full refund of% 100 of the amount, however, if you decide to cancel it one minute before departure you will have to pay a free cancellation plan . : //

Request refund

There is a period of 1 month from the date of service to submit a claim or complaint to our email: or through the Competent Authorities. After this period, no claim will be dealt with, except for greater circumstances that we consider so.

Cancellation fees

There are no cancellation charges before 14 days of the cruise departure