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  • Duration 4 hours
  • Level low
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  • Dress Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for walking
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  • Size Standard
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  • Leaves from cruise port



Alesund (in Norwegian Ålesund) is located on the Northwest Coast of Norway. In 1904 it suffered a great fire that almost completely destroyed it and in just 3 years it was rebuilt in the Art Nouveau style. This feature makes it an essential tourist attraction on all cruises that tour the Norwegian fjords.

Any visit to this "young" city is a sight for sore eyes. With its needle towers, its colorful ornamentation and its beautiful streets, it leaves no one indifferent. But it still has vestiges of its magnificent past that you can see.

Come with us to get to know Alesund, enjoy its peculiar characteristics, and keep an unforgettable memory during your cruise through the fjords.




Excursion departure. The guide waits at the port with the “Shorexc” sign

From the meeting point, the bus will take you through several underwater tunnels to reach the first destination, Giske Island. This island is relatively flat and very fertile. You will find many farms and grazing cows and sheep. Giske is known for being the birthplace of the famous Viking Rollo, who was the first Duke of Normandy and an ancestor of the British royal family. A photo stop will be made at the Marble Church, built in the 12th century. The excursion continues to the beautiful Godøy Island, with the lighthouse and its typical fishing village: Alnes. Here you can enjoy an incredible view over the Atlantic Ocean.

After visiting the beautiful islands, you'll step back several centuries in time to the years when most Norwegians led hard lives, often very poor, and lived by farming and fishing. You will learn it all at the Sunnmøre Museum. Our guide will lead you through the open-air part of the museum, where 55 old houses are located. Some are open, which means you can take a look inside. Inside the main building you can visit various exhibitions and in the boat house you will learn even more about how life in this part of Norway has changed over the centuries.

The excursion continues to Mount Aksla, from where you can enjoy a spectacular view over the city and the surrounding islands. After going down the house-mountain, the bus will take you through the center of the city. The city has unusually consistent architecture; the Art Nouveau. Most of these colorful houses and buildings were built between 1904 and 1907, following a fire that destroyed more than 800 houses in the city center in January 1904.

Return to the Ship.

End of the Excursion.



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Here are several reasons also why you might want to visit Ålesund:

  1. Art Nouveau Architecture: Ålesund is renowned for its Art Nouveau architecture, which adorns much of the town. The distinctive buildings with turrets, spires, and intricate ornamentation were a result of the town's reconstruction after a devastating fire in 1904.

  2. Ålesund Aquarium: Explore the Ålesund Aquarium, known for its interactive exhibits showcasing the marine life of the Norwegian coastal waters. It's a great place for families and those interested in marine biology.

  3. The Jugendstilsenteret: Visit the Jugendstilsenteret (Art Nouveau Center), where you can learn about the town's history, architectural style, and the rebuilding process after the fire. The center is located in a former pharmacy with preserved interiors.

  4. Fjord Sightseeing: Ålesund is surrounded by stunning fjords, including the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord. Take a boat tour to explore the breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls, and steep cliffs.

  5. Hiking and Outdoor Activities: The nearby mountains and trails offer excellent opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities. The panoramic views of the fjords and surrounding islands make for rewarding hikes.

  6. Mount Aksla: Climb the 418 steps to the top of Mount Aksla for a panoramic view of Ålesund and its surroundings. There's also a road for those who prefer a scenic drive to the summit.

  7. Local Seafood: Indulge in the local Norwegian cuisine, especially seafood. Ålesund is known for its fresh fish and seafood dishes. Visit local restaurants to savor the flavors of the region.

  8. Ålesund Museum: Explore the Ålesund Museum to learn about the town's history, including exhibits on the fisheries, maritime traditions, and daily life in Ålesund.

  9. Cultural Events: Check for local cultural events and festivals. Ålesund hosts various events throughout the year, showcasing music, art, and traditional Norwegian celebrations.

  10. Molja Lighthouse: Visit the iconic Molja Lighthouse, which has become a symbol of Ålesund. The lighthouse is situated at the entrance to Ålesund's inner harbor and is a popular spot for photos.

  11. Day Trips to Nearby Islands: Take a boat trip to explore nearby islands like Runde, known for its bird cliffs, or Hjørundfjord for more stunning fjord landscapes.

  12. Sunset Views: Experience the breathtaking sunset views over the ocean from Ålesund's waterfront. The town's coastal location provides a perfect setting for enjoying the changing colors of the sky.



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–  Sunnmøre Museum: NOK 60 or €7

 Attention: Ticket prices are indicative, they could change without prior notice by decision of the relevant authorities. In any case, you can check the official price at the ticket office, the day of the excursion.



  • Discount for children, applied only to individual excursions.
  • Not combinable with other offers.
  • It is essential to send a copy of the child's Identity Document.
  • From 13 years pay as an adult.
  • 4 hour excursion.

 The duration of the excursion is approximate, it will be subject to the time of arrival of the ship and disembarkation of the passengers.

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