Pompeii and Naples in full

from $60

  • Duration 8 hours
  • Level low
  • Restrictions The duration of the excursion is approximate, it will be subject to the time of arrival of the ship and disembarkation of the passengers.
  • Dress Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for walking
  • Type Easy, panoramic, cultural level.
  • Size Standard
  • Food/Beverage Standard
  • Leaves from cruise port


We take you to discover the mythical city of Pompeii, and then to enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Naples. A visit that is undoubtedly among the most attractive of the excursions in Italy.

Pompeii was a city of Ancient Rome. Time stopped in its streets on a fateful August 24, 79 when the ashes and lava of Vesuvius buried it forever. Paradoxically, those ashes and lava that destroyed thousands of lives kept the city in an impressive state of preservation. During the visit you have the feeling of visiting a city that is still inhabited. We will be able to see, from the hand of our guide, the large number of buildings in which the citizens made their daily life: temples, the basilica, the forum and the baths, as well as some of the most luxurious houses decorated with frescoes and mosaics. A surprise: you will be able to see the facial expressions of the Pompeians at the time of the eruption of the volcano...

After discovering Pompeii, nothing better than a fantastic visit to Naples to immerse ourselves in the warmth of its people. The Plaza Plebiscito or the Royal Palace will give us an idea of the incredible artistic wealth of the city. Fancy trying a Neapolitan coffee at the famous Gambrinus café?

Come to this incredible excursion through time, and take an indelible memory of your Mediterranean cruise. You can't miss it!



When leaving the Maritime Station go to the tourist information booth where it reads "Benvenuti to Napoli". There the guide with the Shorexc sign awaits you.

Departure to the excavations of Pompeii. Approx. 30 kilometers.

Guided tour of the excavations of Pompeii.

Return to the ship to eat.

Visit to Naples

The visit of Naples consists of 2 stages:

The panorama:

It gives the possibility to see the city of Naples from the port to the hill di Posillipo where you can see another bay, that of the Phlegreios fields, another important historical area, of the Greek conquest.

From there, passing by the communal villa of Naples and the Castle dell'Ovo, we go to the highest point of the city where you can see Vesuvius and the islands Capri, Ischia and Procida.

The walking tour:

The Naples tour includes a walking tour of the Naples of the Kings (all buildings were built by the various kings of Naples, especially the Spanish and French).

You reach the main square of Naples, Piazza Plebiscito, where there is the Teatro San Carlo (the second in Italy), the Umberto Gallery and the Royal Palace of Naples.

You can try the famous Neapolitan coffee at the Gambrinus Cafeteria, and if you wish, go shopping on the famous Toledo Street, after having also seen the Maschio Angioino (Aragonese Castle).

Return to the ship.

End of the tour.

Attention: After the tour of Naples, the return to the boat is done on foot.



Price of the Excursion $60,00 $56,00 Free
Tickets to Pompeii $23,00 $5,00 Free
Earphones $3,00 $3,00 Free
Total Excursion $86,00 $64,00 Free
Price when a 49-seater bus is completed



  • Bus.
  • Guide in Spanish.


Extras to be paid with the reservation:

Headphones (Required for adults)

Tickets. Preferential access (no waiting)


  • Discount for children, applied only on individual excursions.
  • Not combinable with other offers.
  • It is essential to send a copy of the child's Identity Document.
  • From 13 years old pay like an adult.
  • 8-hour excursion.


It will be the responsibility of the passenger (and the charge will be at his expense) if the age provided is different from the real age and this results in him having to pay the difference in the price of the ticket or extra.

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