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  • Duration 4 hours
  • Level low
  • Restrictions The duration of the excursion is approximate, it will be subject to the time of arrival of the ship and disembarkation of the passengers.
  • Dress Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for walking
  • Type Easy, panoramic, cultural level.
  • Size Standard
  • Food/Beverage Standard
  • Leaves from cruise port



We take you on this tour to discover Ajaccio, the city where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. The capital of Corsica will surprise you with its beauty and its fabulous cultural and natural heritage, in one of the best excursions in France for cruise passengers.

Although the city has its urban origins in the 2nd century BC, the final splendor came to the municipality in the 15th century. Since the birth of the Emperor Napoleon (in the 18th century) the island of Corsica and Ajaccio in particular experienced constant architectural growth and then a logical tourist takeoff: everything in Ajaccio is reminiscent of Bonaparte, with a mixture of pride and history. The traveler feels his "presence" in every corner, while enjoying a unique natural environment. A curiosity: did you know that the chestnut festival is celebrated in Ajaccio for a week in December, with various tastings of this fruit throughout the city?

Be sure to visit Ajaccio during your Mediterranean cruise. Our tour will show you the most interesting places, and you will keep a great memory of Corsica. Reserve your place now!




Arrival of the ship. Excursion departure.

After passing the revolving door, head to the RIGHT, towards the blue gate and enter the Maritime Station; there the guide with the “Shorexc” sign is waiting. IMPORTANT: DO NOT leave the Maritime Station.

Panoramic bus tour, with an English-speaking guide, through this imperial city located by the water and surrounded by mountains.

Stop at Austerlitz Square to see the “Napoleon Grotto” (where he hid after school when he was little) and the Memorial with his statue. (Depending on the weather, the guide may schedule a stop at the cemetery to see the tomb of Tino Rossi, a famous Corsican singer who made an international career).

There will be a tour of the "Sanguinaires" cornice and the Parata Point that offers a magnificent view of the "Sanguinaires" islands and the Genoese tower. 500 meters before reaching the Punta, there are mandatory parking lots for all vehicles. The coaches must park in these car parks and you must go on foot to the Punta. It will take you about 15/20 minutes walking; the same to return

I return to the center. Walking tour.

For approximately 1 hour there will be a tour from the Cathedral, where Napoleon was baptized, to the "Diamante" Square (General de Gaulle Square) where you can see the equestrian statue of Napoleon with his four brothers. We will also see the Bonaparte House (where Napoleon was born), the Plaza Foch or Plaza Palmera (where the Town Hall and the statue of Napoleon are) and the Fesch Museum.

Return to the Ship.

End of the Excursion.



$59,00 $55,00 Gratis
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More Info:

  1. Napoleon Bonaparte's Birthplace: Ajaccio is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, and you can visit his childhood home, Maison Bonaparte. The house is now a museum showcasing Napoleon's family history and personal belongings.

  2. Historical and Cultural Heritage: Explore the historic old town with its narrow streets, charming squares, and historic buildings. Ajaccio has a rich cultural heritage with influences from Italian, French, and Corsican traditions.

  3. Beautiful Beaches: Enjoy the stunning Mediterranean beaches surrounding Ajaccio. Plages de Capo di Feno and Plage Saint-François are popular choices for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

  4. Local Cuisine: Indulge in Corsican cuisine, known for its unique blend of French and Italian flavors. Try local specialties such as brocciu cheese, charcuterie, and Corsican wines.

  5. Port and Waterfront: The city's port area is lively and picturesque, with colorful buildings, seafood restaurants, and views of the sea. It's a great place for a leisurely stroll and to soak in the maritime atmosphere.

  6. Fesch Museum: Visit the Fesch Museum, which houses an impressive collection of Italian Renaissance art, including works by artists like Botticelli and Titian.

  7. Outdoor Activities: Ajaccio is surrounded by natural beauty, making it a great base for outdoor activities. Hiking in the nearby mountains or exploring the scenic Calanques de Piana are popular options.

  8. Sanguinaires Islands: Take a boat trip to the Sanguinaires Islands, known for their red granite rocks and beautiful sunsets. The islands are also home to a historic Genoese tower.

  9. Genoese Towers: Corsica is dotted with Genoese towers, and Ajaccio is no exception. These towers, built for defense during the medieval period, offer panoramic views of the coastline.

  10. Maison Bonaparte: Apart from the museum, you can explore the surroundings of Maison Bonaparte and visit the nearby Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption, where Napoleon was baptized.

  11. Cultural Events: Check for local events and festivals that showcase Corsican traditions, music, and art. These events provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture.

  12. Corsican Wines: Ajaccio and its surrounding regions produce excellent wines. Visit local vineyards to taste and learn about Corsican wines.



  •  Bus.
  • Guide in Spanish.


 Price does not include:

  •  Tickets. If there are any, they are paid on the site.



  • Discount for children, applied only to individual excursions.
  • Not combinable with other offers.
  • It is essential to send a copy of the child's Identity Document.
  • From 13 years pay as an adult.
  • 4 hour excursion.

 The duration of the excursion is approximate, it will be subject to the time of arrival of the ship and disembarkation of the passengers.

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